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Cathartic lessens preventative health inequities for under-resourced populations. Scroll down to follow the journey of a product donated through our pipeline…


Corporations provide tax-deductible donations of everyday health and hygiene products to Cathartic’s community partners.

Donations are organized into programs, each targeting a specific under-resourced health inequity.



Products are vetted and particularly selected by the Cathartic team for their quality and health benefits.

Cathartic handles all of donation logistics between supplier and client, including product type, amount, date, and location.

Communication channels are established between the Cathartic team, suppliers, and clients, with consistent updates and feedback for each party.

Cathartic aids recipient community organizations in their distribution, providing volunteers, data-tracking, and support in the field.



Community clients receive health and hygiene products directly from our suppliers at no cost of their own.

Our “client” designation covers a wide variety of organizations, including public schools, nonprofits, food banks, local clinics, etc.

Clients interface with Cathartic to submit donation requests, ensure storage capacity, and verify that their populations want the products they are receiving.


Target Population

Products are distributed to under-resourced populations that our community clients have established trustworthy relationships with.

Cathartic’s data-tracking efforts ensure that target populations can provide feedback and request additional products for future distributions.


Why Work with Us ?

Evaluate Supplier
Innovate Client
Expand Sponsor
Go digital Volunteer
Tax deductions for donations to a 501(c)(3) organization

Offload excess inventory and eliminate product waste

Access to in-distribution data, media content, and other purpose-driven marketing services
Sustainable donation relationships within a network of corporate suppliers at no cost to your organization

Logistical support in procuring the desired type and amount of product

Access to volunteers and data-tracking tools for engaging in the field
Customized donation experience with transparent allocation of your money

Social media exposure and spotlights

Opportunities to sponsor full programs and Cathartic initiatives
Opportunity to work in preparation and distribution of products amongst under-resourced communities

Regional and topic-focused volunteer opportunities

Network-building with local community organizations