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Foot Care Program


The Problem

The homeless population of Los Angeles seriously lacks proper clothing to protect them from their physical environment. One such piece of clothing that is commonly missing are socks. A 2017 study conducted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness found that 17% of the American population experiences homelessness and two-thirds experience detrimental foot conditions. Despite the large number of foot concerns, donors tend to focus on other clothing items or food items when donating. Socks are generally left out because many people have worn the socks already leaving holes, dirt, or unhygienic material. Since the homeless population spends most of their time outside, socks are essential to their physical health. Socks keep people warm during the winter season and prevent soreness in the knees and toes.

The purpose of the Foot Health Program is to develop a network of supply that can reach populations in need. We want to make an impact on foot health among the homeless population of LA. Cathartic strives to facilitate the delivery of socks to various homeless shelters and refresh spots in the community. We want to offer the highest quality products and services in order to create healthy relationships between suppliers and clients. The Foot Health Program aims to fight health issues within the homeless population one sock at a time.

By the Numbers

  • Units Distributed 161,000
  • Amount of Products Distributed $110,000
  • Number of Partners 16

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