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Here is what we did in March!

Hi Everyone!

We hope everyone has been enjoying their spring so far, despite the rain for those of us in California! To start off, we want to recognize how grateful we are for all of our new hires here at Cathartic, bringing our total team up to 26 employees! Each employee is so passionate about the impact we are making and committed to our vision of reinventing giving. Here's a photo of some of us at our most recent all-hands meeting, where we got to bond with each other and learn about all the exciting things happening in each team.

What's new

Skin Protection & Period Care Programs

For our Period Care Program, we have gained an amazing new supplier, Joni, who has sent us 11,200 boxes of pads . We are so grateful that Joni has joined our community and can't wait to build on our partnership!

Further, we have hit an amazing milestone of $300,000 worth of donations across our programs, all collected within about two years. A HUGE thank you to all of our suppliers, clients, and supporters alike who continue to believe in and catalyze Cathartic's impact and growth!

What's next

BIG things to look forward to!

Firstly, our new program focusing on preventing foot health issues and diseases for unhoused people will be starting soon! In the next couple weeks, we will be organizing a sock drive on USC's campus where new socks can be donated to help kickstart donations for our program! We have also began outreach to potential suppliers!!

Further, we are so excited about our expansion plans into the Bay Area. We are in preliminary talks to establish the first community connections, operations, and undergraduate campus presence at the University of California, Berkeley. Our expansion timeline will include work over the summer to hopefully get Cathartic's first college branch running by the 2023-2024 academic year.

Cathartic Shoutout!

March's shoutout goes to the amazing Eli Goldstein! Eli has been such a valuable employee at Cathartic, organizing all of our volunteer events, and is now in the process of shifting into the CEO role, as Sachin prepares to shift to the board while attending medical school. Eli is such an amazing and dedicated member of Cathartic, and we are all so excited to have him as our new leader as we continue to grow!

What can you do

If you are in LA, come volunteer with us!!

Mutual Aid Network's weekly Produce in the Park event occurs every Thursday at Saint James Park. Arrive at 11:30am to help cull and bag produce (and now skin and period care supply)! See more information here.

We will be having an on-site volunteer session soon at our distribution partner, SoLa’s, headquarters. We will email with an exact date when we have it set. And, as always, please follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn @CatharticHealth. Thanks so much for reading!